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The FourThirds Total-Selling program: The world’s only on-line, end-to-end sales transformation program.

At last, a sales development program that keeps sales professionals where they need to be – in front of their customers.

Gone: Concentrated classroom lectures

Gone: Cost and time out of the field

Gone: Travel and time away from work and the family

Gone: Focusing on a small part of the sales process due to time limitations

Gone: Rapid fall-off in learned skills

Gone: Leaving the classroom not understanding how to apply learning to YOUR business

Gone: The excessive fees charged by the current franchised sales development market

Introducing: A method of teaching modelled on how pilots are taught

Introducing: A style of learning for Sales that ensures long-term retention and application

Introducing: Rapid, global, simultaneous deployment

Introducing: The only complete end-to-end sales process

Introducing: New and unique new sales methods, which can be used immediately

Introducing: Learning at a time, place and pace that fit your schedule

Introducing: A radical new economic model for sales development